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CIMRS Operation Manual (PDF).

Proposal Submissions

Proposal Submissions

All proposed CIMRS research is reviewed and approved by the CIMRS Director.  OSU’s online proposal submission software Cayuse SP ( requires login with an OSU ID and password.  Training is available through Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and CIMRS Administrative Staff.   Many guides for proposal preparation are available on the OSP website. 

The CIMRS Director as well as the Office of Sponsored Programs requires a lead time of 3 days for review of proposals.

Travel Request

A completed CIMRS Travel Request Form is required for all travel. The SUBMIT button at the top of the form will automatically email the request to the CIMRS Office for approval. Once approved you will be informed via email.

For all direct billed arrangements, email Melody Pfister with your planned itinerary, purpose of travel, and request for car rental or other needs.


OSU Policies

FIS 411-01: Air Transportation


FIS 411-07 Travel Reimbursements

Air Travel

Air transportation with OSU funds is arranged through two contracted agencies:

Web purchase of tickets by the traveler is allowed only with a written quote from either contracted agency showing a higher cost on flights using their services.

Car Rental

Enterprise Car Rental is used for transportation to/from airports and for all local or roundtrip travel.  Only compact cars are on the contract.

Pre-approval is required for out-of-state one-way rentals.  Contact Melody Pfister.


NOTE: CIMRS will not reimburse mileage for use of privately owned vehicles.

Foreign Travel

Foreign Travel requires authorization before travel, contact Melody Pfister for instructions.

Travel paid from federal grants must comply with the Fly America Act which requires an American Flag Carrier.

See international per diem rates here.

Per Diem

Per diem rates change frequently.

See current per diem rates of most frequently traveled localities and car rental rates

Or, check OSU's recent per diem rates for US States and locality rates.

You may apply for an OSU "Corporate Card" to keep your travel expenses separate from your personal credit cards. Ask Melody Pfister for assistance.


To use the Travel Reimbursement Entry System (TRES) system, login to the OSU Employee Online Services and click on the link for Travel Reimbursement; send to Melody Pfister with receipts.

Direct deposit of reimbursements to your bank account is encouraged. This requires separate paperwork from your payroll direct deposit -ask Melody Pfister for assistance.



Most items can be purchased with the CIMRS credit card, under a $4999 /item limit. OSU Bookstore offers software at reduced educational prices (no upgrades, however). Limited petty cash is available from the HMSC Business Office.

Purchase orders for items over $4999 are prepared by Debi Furay.

Email Debi Furay with purchase requests.

Sea Pay


Sea pay is compensated at $70/day and does not include days in port.

A hardcopy mid-month timesheet must be completed to process payment for Payroll.

Forms may be requested from  Melody Pfister .



CIMRS Sea Pay Agreement

Effective October 1, 2006, the Cooperative Institute for Marine Resources Studies will adopt the following policy on eligibility for sea pay. The policy applies to CIMRS employees going to sea on any vessel.

The following employees are eligible for sea pay: Research Associates, Sr. Faculty Research Assistants, Faculty Research Assistants, and temporary Research Assistants.

Graduate Research Assistants and student workers are not eligible for sea pay.

Sea pay is paid on a per day basis for those days that involve more than 12 continuous hours at sea. The day begins at midnight.

For the purposes of sea pay, sea is defined as the oceans of the world plus navigable waters connected to the ocean; it may include rivers or estuaries.

Sea pay is $70 per day. 


All leave requests are handled through OSU EmpCenter's "My Time Off" function.  See EmpCenter General Guidelines.

If you have questions on how to use EmpCenter, please see EmpCenter's Frequently Asked Questions.

login to empcenter




*Note: Sea Pay is still processed using hardcopy mid-month timesheets.