Student/Parent Advisory Board

The main purpose of the Student/Parent Advisory Board (SPAB) is to ensure that OSU students who are parents have full access to all of the resources and opportunities offered by the university. To this end, we work to identify and remove barriers to student parents' academic achievements.

The board allocates Our Little Village student fee funds, which are used to operate the Childcare and Family Resources (CFR) office and drop-off child care centers in the Valley Library and Dixon Recreation Center. We administer the need-based ASOSU child care subsidy, which can cover up to half of student parents’ child care costs.

We also advise the university on various matters that affect parents on campus, advocate for increased family-friendliness across campus, and administer the Beaver Beginnings childcare center contract.

The board is composed of faculty, staff, and students. We meet monthly during the summer and every other week during the school year. If you are interested in joining the board or attending an upcoming meeting, please email the board chair at jonester@onid.oregonstate.edu for more information.

Who are we? Meet the current board here.

Curious about what we've been up to so far this year? SPAB meeting minutes and CFR Coordinator reports are available here.

Wondering what we want to accomplish in the future? Check out our five-year plan here.


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