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Civic Engagement Resources

Use these resources to assist you in creating, planning and leading a civic engagement program! If you cannot find the information or resource you need, be sure to contact our staff so that they can get you connected and prepared for your service event. cce@oregonstate.edu

Planning a Service Project

The Service Project Planning Guide outlines the considerations, components, and tasks necessary for planning and leading a success community service project. We recommend you use this guide "buffet-style"- pick and choose the sections, activities and tips that best meet your planning and facilitating needs. 

Facilitating Reflection Discussions

The Reflection Facilitation Handbook provides an overview of the realtionship between reflection and service, tips for facilitating these conversations and suggestions and directions for activities. We recommend that you read through the "tips" section and then try out a few different activities with your group. And of course, if you have suggestions for activities that should be added to this resource be sure to share them with us!

Community Entry Tips

When engaging in community service projects, it is important to be mindful of how you enter into your service site. Follow our Community Entry Tips to ensure you engage in a respectful and thoughtful manner. Be sure to have your group watch our Community Entry Tips video prior to engaging in your service project. 

Philanthropy and Social Change

There are multiple levers for creating social change and philanthropy and giving are just one. Review the Philanthropy and Social Change document to learn more about how you can use your philanthropy to make change and how you can combine multple levers for change to have a deeper impact. 

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