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Extra Credit: Create a Professional Website or Blog


The hike wouldn’t be complete without a blog or a website documenting your travels.

  • Create a professional website or blog that includes your resume, your goals, and some work samples, including writing samples, visuals (presentations, photography, documentation of achievements), and/or evaluations from current or previous jobs. Your website or blog can also include testimonials from previous supervisors, colleagues, professors, or advisors. A testimonial is a short statement that promotes a product, in this case, you!
  • Once you have this blog or website up and running and looking good, you can put the url on your resume or on business cards and connect it to your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts as well.

Here are easy links to get started: Oregon State Blog, WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Web.com, Weebly

Now You're Ready To:

You have the tools. Now act! The more you do, the more you will know about what you want to do, and the more opportunities you will have to go and do it! Get on the trail, the Career Trail!


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