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University Honors College

At Oregon State University, the University Honors College is a small degree-granting college where high achieving students work toward an Honors Baccalaureate Degree in any undergraduate major. The Honors Baccalaureate Degree is OSU's most prestigious undergraduate degree, and the University Honors College is one of just a handful of schools in the nation to offer this degree.

Demand for entrance into the UHC is high and competition keen. We evaluate applicants not only on their academic accomplishments, but also on their level of writing, while considering coursework, extra-curricular activities, and contribution to community. Students in the University Honors College come from diverse backgrounds. There is no "typical" UHC Student. While most students at the UHC come from Oregon, we have a number of students from across the country and more than a few international students.

In addition to outstanding academics, the UHC offers a collaborative, supportive community filled with students who are mindful about the world around them, creative in their approach to problem solving and motivated to achieve their goals, no matter how demanding.  UHC students have a variety of interests outside of academics. They spend time traveling, researching, volunteering, playing music, dancing, and just having fun!

The opportunities offered by the UHC and OSU are designed to equip students with the experiences, connections, and achievements to help them stand out both professionally and in their communities. The University Honors College prepares students to succeed in any field they choose to pursue after graduation. UHC graduates have had extraordinary acceptance rates (over 90%) into graduate and professional schools, including Harvard, Emory, Stanford, and respected medical schools like Johns Hopkins, Mt. Sinai, and Oregon Health & Science University.

Degree Programs

Honors College students graduate with a prestigious Honors Baccalaureat Degree.

Number of Students

The University Honors College is a tight knit community, with a fairly small number of students that make it into the program.

Faculty & Staff Contacts

Find lists of faculty and staff contacts within the college, and what courses they teach.

Updates, News, Announcements & Connecting With Students

Learn about news & announcements within the college, and connect with employers, fellow students and alumni through Facebook. You can also learn about The Honors Experience, and read Student Blogs and Monday Messages.

Clubs & Organizations

There are a number of student involvement opportunities.

Study Abroad

Learn about international degrees and education abroad that can work with you as an honors student and with your major.


Learn about honors student specific internship and research opportunities.

Job & Career Information

Meet and ask your advisor about career information and opportunities, in UHC and your major. Also, stop by Career Services for further help.

Accomplishments & Innovations

Honors College students and graduates have a history of excellence.

Mentoring Programs

Students are matched up with faculty mentors for their thesis journey.


This program is one of about 13 such degrees in the nation.

What Can I Do with this Degree?

Learn about what you can do with your degree.

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