Know Yourself!

Before you even begin your hike along the trail, take a look in the mirror and know you can do it. Create a full picture for the rest of your hike by learning about yourself through career checklists that can show you careers and majors for people like you. You’re unique. And your career plan should be too.

Assignment #1 

Estimated Time to Completion ≈ 1 Hour


Step #1: Who are you and what are your interests?

Complete the full personality and interest assessments in the Sigi 3 program. Each assessment takes less than 15 minutes.

Once you finish them, the program will list career and job titles that typically interest people with your profile. Select a few careers that catch your eye and click on the links to see descriptions of those careers. Copy down anything that interests or surprises you.

Step #2: What do you value and what are you good at?

Finish the other two inventories located in Sigi 3, one about values and the other about skills. Click on several of the careers in the report, read those descriptions, and take note of anything interesting to you that may be surprising or you want to learn more about. Submit both of these to your instructor as they requested or save it for self-reflection and to share with advisors, family members, or a career counselor.