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Land Grant Universities - OSU Peers

Peer Institutions: Budget Office and Tuition Rates & Fee Schedules

These are other Land Grant Universities which are peers of Oregon State University. You will find them listed in the Orange Budget Book.

University Home Page Budget Office  Student Fees
Cornell University Cornell Home Cornell Cornell
Michigan State University (MSU) MSU-Home MSU MSU
Ohio State University Ohio-Home Ohio Ohio
Pennsylvania State University Penn-Home Penn Penn
Purdue University Purdue-Home Purdue Purdue
Texas A & M University (TAMU) TAMU-Home TAMU TAMU
University of California, Davis (UCD) Davis-Home UCD UCD
University of Illinois, Urbana (UI) UI-Home UI UI
University of Wisconsin (WU) WU-Home WU WU
University of Arizona - See PAC-12 Universities      

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