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The print and web photography guidelines also apply to video. Authenticity is the rule: your subjects telling their stories in their own words, and in their own space. Staged studio scenarios and voiceover might occasionally be appropriate, but whenever possible, capture your subjects interacting with their actual work, research or learning space adds authenticity to your video and reinforces the Oregon State brand.

Tighter framing and a mix of shots and angles during the editing process can also help support the brand. Rather than just showing a perfectly lit talking head, look for opportunities to capture B-roll of your subjects at work, performing research, or just moving about in their environment. This footage can be cut into an interview, for example, to add visual interest and make the video more dynamic. Movement can also be conveyed by resetting the frame during the interview.


Web Communications motion reel thumbnailMotion graphics play a number of roles in our brand communication strategy, they can be used as intros to set the tone for a video, lower thirds, infographics can be animated in order to present data in a more engaging way and animation is another tool for storytelling, it can convey emotion and meaning. The art (assets) created for the animations really depend on the concept and message we are trying to communicate to our audience, we sometimes rely on our icons, but we use illustration styles that fit the concept. Here's a reel showing a range of projects we have done in the past.

Video Style

This piece is a great naturalistic portrait of an Oregon State Ecampus graduate, documenting her struggles and challenges on her way to academic success. The mix of shots and use of her voice to tell her story in her own words show the brand video style in action.

Video style thumbnail

The following piece covering the topic of recycling on campus uses interesting angles, candid shots and a naturalistic style to capture the spirit and commitment of students and staff at Oregon State, serving as a solid example of an authentic style.

Video style thumbnail


Fonts used in video and animation are Soho and Leitura, contact University Marketing for information on how to obtain a copy of the fonts.