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Icons for the Web

Our icons can be used in a variety of ways: sidebar graphics, menu items, buttons, illustrations and more. You can combine the icons with our color palette and add a subtle texture to give them depth. The possibilities are endless, so get creative with them! Before you start creating your next masterpiece, please keep a couple of things in mind:

  • The icons are not logos, so please don't create graphics that are considered logos (for example, placing a tree icon next to "College of Forestry" and using that graphic repeatedly throughout a website would be considered a logo).
  • Make sure the icons you choose match the subject matter you are working with. Icons shouldn't be used as decoration; they're meant to communicate ideas.

Below are some examples of icons being used on the Internet. In the image below the background illustration is split into two areas that are tied to the content that appears when the user clicks on the small or large animal clinic buttons. On the left side of the image, we have a family walking with pets in an urban/park setting, this part of the image is right under the Small Animal Clinic button. On the right side are barn animals which would be treated in the Large Animal Clinic. When you click on either button, as the content slides in, the part of the image that matches the clinic is positioned next to the content.

Veterinary Hospital icon example

If you don't find an icon you're looking for in our collection, we have also used stock icons that compliment our icon style. Below is an example of buttons we created for Admissions using stock icons.

Admissions icons

Some free icon sources that work with our icon style:

Contact web.communications@oregonstate.edu if you need more help working with icons on your web project.