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Out-of-State Landing Pages

Series of landing pages created for the Office of Admissions

Landing pages devicesThe Challenge: Recruiting students in 50 states is a big job for the Admissions Office at Oregon State. Admissions wanted to answer questions from prospective students. They needed a site that let students know that Oregon State is a close-knit community where high-achieving students can do world-class research with top faculty. The site also needed to help prospective out-of-state students understand what kind of financial aid opportunities are available to them. We redesigned 13 out-of-state landing pages, some content had to be specifically created for each state, admissions was also in need of a new campus video tour as well as photo tour. 

Concept & process: We redesigned out-of-state landing pages for 13 individual states. The sites are simple, small and feature a responsive layout. They're informative, but not overwhelming.

To encourage engagement, we used an illustrated, friendly version of Benny the beaver to greet prospective out-of-state students. The sites also feature playful illustrations as visual aids for some of the essential information students are looking for.

A new video tour of the Oregon State campus was created for prospective students. The video is informative, but interesting enough for high school students to share with their friends. The photos used in the tour help out-of-state prospective students get a feel for what life is like at Oregon State.

Outcomes: By building a custom experience for prospective students from individual states, we personalized the online recruiting process, showing what it’s like to come to campus. The campus video tour and full-page photo tour were extremely well received.