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OSU Vet Med Equine Hospital

OSU Vet Med Equine Hospital

The Challenge: The large animal hospital wanted to portray their services with a sense of warmth and unprecedented expertise. The large animal hospital needed a video that would tell their process and story without being overly factual or too dry.

Concept & process: Using a client’s story of her experience with the large animal hospital as end pieces, we sought to highlight key areas of the hospital from the perspective of a referring vet or client. Areas such as a world-class expertise, 24/7 care and high-tech equipment were featured through hospital staff and students. We interviewed all the people involved in the care of the horses and allowed viewers to hear and see who will take care of patients. Students were portrayed as professional and as a vital part to the health of the patients.

Outcomes: With a large majority of clientele for the large animal hospital coming from referring veterinarians, our outcomes weren’t focused heavily on YouTube views. With plans for it being used at events and horse expos, the video has become both a marketing piece for the hospital and an effective recruiting tool for potential students. Sharing it with the equine community will ensure that OSU’s large animal hospital is known as an outstanding facility.