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Lois Bates Acheson Veterinary Hospital website redesign

Veterinary HospitalThe Challenge: The College of Veteriany Medicine came to Web Communications looking to refresh their College website as well as the Lois Bates Acheson Veterinary Hospital site. The hospital had always been nested within the main College site, but since the audience for the Animal Hospital is largely external, the client wanted a Web presence that was had more of a commercial rather than academic feel.

Our aim was to design a site that resonated with their main college Web page, but also showed a distinct identity and made use of Oregon State's brand.

Concept & process: A concise amount of content and very focused aim allowed us to think differently about this site. Typical projects feature sites with hundreds of pages a multiple audiences, but the client's willingness to narrow the focus allowed us to look at new solutions.

The two main audiences for the hospital are clients looking for information for the small animal or large animal clinics. When they visit the home page they are presented with an illustration that is divided into two landscapes: urban on the left for small animal hospital and rural on the right for large animal hospital. This image also illustrates OSU's healthy people initiative from the university's strategic plan.

The illustration draws heavily on our brand icon family rather than introducing entirely new graphics.

Clicking on the menu buttons for either of the main audiences causes the landscape to shift to the right or left, bringing up a context menu for that focus area. This feature was built with javascript and cascading stylesheets (CSS) with the help of Central Web Services.

Outcomes: The resulting site showcased new features combined with strong elements of our standard template. Surfing from the hospital to the main college site shows a direct identity connection between the two sites while retaining a focus on the two main audience groups for the hospital: external customers of both the small and large animal clinics.

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