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Co-branding and Logos

Using Oregon State logos properly, especially in relation to other brands, will help you in several ways: your users will know they're on a website that's current, and one that is directly connected to the institution. Being part of the overall Oregon State brand family means that you tap into an ongoing marketing effort by other programs and the central university. If you use the current identity, you're doing your users a big favor.

But I really liked those old logos better...

Using old logos can confuse users. They may wonder if they're on pages of the same institution if logos change from site to site. The following logos have been retired. They're no longer out there working for you like our current logo, which is in the media, on television and on signs, brochures, posters and thousands of other websites. Instead, these old logos are relaxing on a beach or playing cribbage. By using them you're dating your website and possibly even confusing your users. Please let them enjoy their retirement.

Three examples of old, dated OSU logos

The current logo

The current Oregon State logo should appear in white within the orange tag on the upper left corner of every page of every official, external-facing Oregon State website. Custom logos are not allowed for colleges, departments or programs. The name of the division or unit should appear in Eksja type to the right of the tag.

Example of OSU logo with tag

When Oregon State teams up with other organizations

Oregon State may partner with other established organizations or institutions. Oregon State should be considered the lead partner if any of these criteria are met:

  • Staff members have Oregon State email addresses. 
  • The site is hosted at Oregon State (even if the domain is .com or .org).
  • The program administration is physically located on the university campus. 

In such cases, where Oregon State is a lead partner but another identity needs to be added to the design, the right sidebar should be used. Sea Grant and the many Greek System websites are great examples.

Two sites that use partner identities well

Remember, that right sidebar space is for official partner logos, not for units or departments to create their own internal Oregon State logos. Creating your own identity is tempting, but it won't help you stand out with your users. It'll just cause confusion and put you back at square one trying to build equity for a brand new identity rather than tapping into 150 years of Oregon State identity awareness.

Finally, Oregon State may be an equal or lesser partner in a program, institution or research center located off campus. In those cases, Oregon State's logo should appear in the footer or some other area of the website in equal proportion to other logos. The preferred color is white.