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Opening lecture for Energy Stewarts Program

Clackamas County Energy Stewart HandbookOutreach: The buM Group supported the Clackamas County Energy Stewart Program by giving an opening lecture on 'Climate Change 101' on May 04, 2011. In addition to providing an introduction to the scientific basis of climate change occurring in the Earth's climate system, the speaker Christoph Thomas also gave an overview of 'Scaling up alternative energy' as one possible way to mitigate globally rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere.

The Climate Leadership Initiative (CLI) developed a highly successful model for educating citizens about climate change and engaging them in activities in their household and community to help resolve the issue. That model, initiated as a research project, includes two primary components: the Climate Master train-the-trainer course and the household climate consultations conducted by trained climate masters. CLI discovered that a community-based approach can effectively reduce GHG emissions. To date, the program has resulted in average GHG emission reductions of more than 4,000 pounds per participant, increases in regular use of alternative transportation, energy-efficient purchasing, and reduced use of disposable items, among other climate-positive actions. The Clackamas County specific version of the Climate Masters program is called Energy Stewards.

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