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Collaborative research on visualizing terrestrial and aquatic systems funded

Modeled soil moisture in WS1 at HJA, courtesy of Bob McKane Research: The bmM group participates in a new collaborative effort between the Evergreen State College in Washington, OSU, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and University of Minnesota to develop novel VISualization software for spatial and temporal datasets in Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems (VISTAS). The 3-year project is funded by the National Science Foundation, award (NSF-DBI-1062566). The advent of technology that provides dense information from e.g. satellite remote sensing and ground based sensor networks has put scientists in a position where they 'drown' in data. Scientists need better ways to display massive data seta and encourage and enable understanding of ecological processes. The project will develop the prototype software using data from collaborators collected at the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest LTER site. The bmM group will provide spatial observations of wind, temperatures, water vapor, and carbon dioxide, and isotopic species to be used in this effort, help develop the interfaces, and also be among the first to test-drive the new software. The VISTAS project blog can be found at http://blogs.evergreen.edu/vistas/

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