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Publications on DTS over streams and coherent structures in forests

New research paper publishedPublications: Two new research papers were recently published in collaboration with the Department of Biological and Ecological Engineering at OSU and the Department of Micrometeorology at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. The first paper was published in Water Resources Research and demonstrates the utility of Distributed Temperature Sesnsing to estimating shade over streams. The second paper analyzes horizontal and vertical transport of energy and matter by coherent structures in a tall spruce canopy. The full citations are:


Petrides, A.C., Huff, J., Arik, A., Van de Giesen, N., Kennedy, A.M., Thomas, C.K. and Selker, J.S., 2011. Shade Estimation Over Streams Using Distributed Temperature Sensing. Water Resourc. Res., 47: W07601.


Serafimovich, A., Thomas, C.K. and Foken, T., 2011. Vertical and horizontal transport of energy and matter by coherent motions in a tall spruce canopy. Boundary-Layer Meteorol.: DOI 10.1007/s10546-011-9619-z.

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