Wellness Toolkit

Wellness Toolkit

A resource page to help you produce educational materials about wellness for your residence hall, your student group, or yourself! Use one, or all, of these strategies to help build a healthier and thriving community.

Be Well. Be Orange!

Bulletin Boards:

Mix and match the graphics, information and articles on this page to make a visually appealing bulletin board with sound content.

Bathroom Newsletters:

We are all forced to look at the back of a bathroom door a few times every day. What better time to gain some knowledge about being healthy and well?!

UHDS Newsletter Articles

Interested in reading or distributing articles about health and wellness? Find them in the bi-monthly University Housing and Dining “Campus Life” newsletter here!

Inter-Hall Challenge 2013-14

Gain wellness knowledge and skills while earning points for your residence hall! This is a great way to make friends, build community, and be well!

Upcoming Wellness Events

Want to know more about wellness oriented events going on at OSU or in the community? Check out the Be Well calendar!