Manage Stress

Learn to identify your stressors and effective ways to manage them.

College is an amazing experience, but we would be lying if we told you there weren’t some stressful times. BeWell wants to give students alternatives to managing your stress when times get tough!

Campus Resources

OSU offers resources for effectively managing your stress, whether it be a comforting place filled with tranquil relaxation or a boost of guidance when your health starts to compete with homework and friends.

Mind Spa (link: http://oregonstate.edu/counsel/mind-spa):

CAPS (link: http://oregonstate.edu/counsel/)

Student Health @ Dixon (http://studenthealth.oregonstate.edu/shsatdixon)

Academic Success Center (http://success.oregonstate.edu/)

Craft Center (http://mu.oregonstate.edu/craftcenter/)