What is the Healthy Campus Initiative (HCI) and what does “Be Well. Be Orange” mean?

HCI is an office and a campus-wide coalition that exists to promote, support and sustain good health at Oregon State.  The “Be Well. Be Orange” statement is our promotional wording to encourage students, faculty and staff to learn and engage in personal and community well-being. 


What health and wellness services are available for faculty and staff at Oregon State – Corvallis campus?

Faculty and Staff have access to Dixon Recreation Center (Dept. of Recreational Sports), Faculty/Staff Fitness program (College of Public Health and Human Sciences), Weight Watchers (PEBB), Professional development and training (Human Resources), a travel clinic and flu shots (Student Health Services)  and consultation for working with students and colleagues – )Counseling and Psychological Services and Dean of Student Life)  Other health-related activities with no or small fees are the Craft Center, Memorial Union Basement (Video Games, Pool and Bowling) Center and a variety of services offered through OSU health care providers (Human Resources benefits).  Also, use the resource links above to connect to more information.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for – write us!  BeWell@oregonstate.edu


Why does my health and wellness matter?

Positive health behaviors help reduce stress, increase energy, boost productivity and contribute to positive mental health as well.  Oregon State is known for its work with Healthy People, Healthy Planet and a Healthy Economy.  Learning about and engaging in good health practices can be fun and contributes to personal and community wellness.  If you want to see the research…we can show you.  Contact us directly to find out how to get involved.  BeWell@oregonstate.edu