Jalen Ladd

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We have many resources to help you find your groove. Students like Jalen Malik Ladd are one of them.

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Oregon State earned a record-breaking $441 million in research funding in 2017 to fuel innovation that transforms our world. 



OSU-Cascades professor and students develop a drone that flies six times longer — a potential game-changer for search and rescue, mapping and more. (U.S. News & World Report)

You have your schedule. You have your books. Now the real fun begins.

No. 1

Public research institution in the state. We chase the hard questions — climate change, public health, sustainable energy, poverty, social policy — for the benefit of all.


In 2017 research funding — setting a record for the third year in a row. That’s more than all other Oregon public universities combined. And students make real contributions to solving tough challenges.


Global economic footprint. Our diverse community has a positive impact that extends across Oregon and the world. 

We’re OUT THERE — building a future that’s smarter, healthier and more just. We push the edges of what’s known because we have a responsibility, to our state and to the world.