Photo Credit: Becerra Photography

Karianna Crowder

Student Success

Working with gibbons in Thailand. Diagnosing a dog's tumor in Nicaragua. Observing animal surgeries on campus. Karianna Crowder did so much more than book work in the Honors College. 

bee on a flower


Most people don’t think much good comes from forest fires. Oregon State researchers are proving them wrong. The beneficiary? Bees.

Weather balloon


Doing an internship at NASA and launching a weather balloon to observe the solar eclipse. All in a summer's work for two Oregon State undergraduates.

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No. 1

Public research institution in the state. We chase the hard questions — climate change, public health, sustainable energy, poverty, social policy — for the benefit of all.


In 2016 research funding. More than all other Oregon public universities combined! Meaning unique learning experiences for our students.


Global economic footprint. Our diverse community has a positive impact that extends across Oregon and the world. 

We’re OUT THERE — building a future that’s smarter, healthier and more just. We push the edges of what’s known because we have a responsibility, to our state and to the world.