Commencement 2017

A college degree used to be a goal. Now it's a reality.
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Student Success

What's your next step? Oregon State graduates tell where their degrees will take them out there.

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A record 6,807 graduates from all 36 Oregon counties, 50 states and 68 countries received their degrees at OSU’s 148th Commencement.

Arianna Quesada


Graduating senior and Fulbright scholar Arianna Kahler-Quesada dreams of being a globe-trotting physician. Her meticulous research in OSU’s skeletal biology lab has her well on her way.

Out There Has Never Been Closer.

Potential meets preparation in Oregon State graduates.

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  • Public research institution in the state
  • Best value online college in the country
  • Mid-career pay for graduates from Oregon public universities


IN 2016 RESEARCH FUNDING with impacts that reach across the state, the nation and the world.

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