A bit of Communication Theory and related concepts

This page, and the pages it links to, are designed to:

  1. help you understand where you are at with respect to the basic content of COMM 321 and COMM430/530 at Oregon State University,
  2. provide you brief summaries of the dominant theories presented in COMM321 and built upon in COMM430/350,
  3. provide you citations of articles and books you can read to further your understanding of the theories summarized and communication theory in general, and
  4. provide you related information that will aid you in your efforts to become a better scholar or communication theories.

If this is your first time here start at the contexts page to learn about communication contexts and some associated theories. Since most theories originally are published in part or whole in academic journals you may want to learn more about the standard format social scientific journal articles follow or learn how to read an abstract of a social scientific journal article. If you are not sure what the differences are between journals and magazines then you will want to click here. Once you have mastered this web site you will be ready to investigate communication related articles on your own. If you are not sure where to begin check out my table of journals, complete with call numbers and their location in Valley Library on the Oregon State University campus.


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