Oregon Students Study/Visit Cuba in the Summer of 2013

Between June 18th and June 28th  2013, fifteen students from Oregon State University, The University of Oregon, and Portland State University traveled together to Cuba on an educational excursion. The highlight of this ten day action learning experience was being able to observe, listen and talk to Cubans about their social, political and economic life.  In Havana the students  had an active daily program of study that included lectures by Cuban scholars, visits to art galleries, museums, and other sites of historical and cultural interest.  Some of these locations included: the Museo de la Revolucion and Granma Monument; Center for the Study of Che Guevara; The Ministry of the Interior Museum; The Federation of Cuban Women; The University of Havana; La Cabaña Fortress; Havana Vieja; José Martí birthplace museum; Plaza de la Revolución; and The National Arts Museum. The group also spent two days in Varadaro researching the impact of tourism on Cuban society.


Link to the summer course syllabus

Course Instructors: Professors Dwaine Plaza & Amy Below
Faculty in the School of Public Policy

Cuba group pre-departure 2013
Pre-departure group photo from Oregon - May 19th 2013

Link to KVAL 13 television news coverage-- Pre-departure

Link to the Gazette Times Newspaper coverage-- Pre-departure

Link to the Barometer Newspaper coverage -- Pre-departure 

The final celebration - dinner in Havana June 27th 2013

Link to the Students Final  Group Powerpoint Presentation in Cuba

ETHOS Magazine Article on the Cuba Class-- Andrew Seng

Photographs From the 2013 Cuba Experience

Group at the airport
  Arrival at Jose Marti Airport June 18, 2013

Students stayed at the Martin Luther King Center in Havana

The group traveled via a yellow school bus throughout Havana

Students met with seniors from the
Psycho-Ballet Project at the MLK Center

Students visited the
Morro Cabana Museum and Fort in Havana

University of Havana

Students visited the University of Havana and learned about its history


Students visited the Museum of the Revolution & the Granma Memorial in Havana

Rev. Raúl Suárez,

Students met with Rev Raul Suarez, Director of the MLK Center


Students shared delicious Cuban meals at the MLK Center cafeteria


Students enjoyed the nightlife culture in Havana & Varadero Beach

Children from La Marina community in Matanzas performed a cultural play and dance

Tawny & Courtney shared a Noni fruit at an organic garden cooperative in Alamar

  The group visited an orphanage in Havana where the children took photos of us

The group observed daily life in Havana- this included a youth rugby team practice

Students learned about Santeria and Afro-Latino traditions from Elias Aseff

Student Constructed YouTube Videos

Students worked alone or in pairs to construct a five minute Youtube video that captured their research interest in Cuba. The topics selected by the students were quite varied and reflect the diverse experiences the group had while in Cuba. Each video is made from photos taken in Cuba or images downloaded from the internet. The topics range from: tourism, women's lives, culture, transportation, religion, community, urban agriculture education and health care.  To watch any of the student YouTube videos-- double click on the name below. This will automatically take you to their Youtube production.

Colin Woekel-- Tourism, Foreigners and Culture in Cuba

Tawny Garcia & Esmeralda Flores -- Women's Lives in Cuba

Katelyn Stevens-- Transportation Systems in Cuba

Andrew Seng & Dylan Dornfield--  Colonial Experiences in Cuba

Celeny Gonzales & Dani Smith-- Afro-Cuban Religions

Lynda Reid-Parmele & Bess Miller -- Community Organizations in Cuba

Andrew Jameison & Quortni Fambro -- Education and Health Care in Cuba

Jorge Michel -- The Negative Effects of Tourism in Cuba

Michelle Pray & Dana Sperry -- Urban Agriculture in Cuba

Link to Other Classes Taught by Professor Dwaine Plaza