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Self-interest is central


Without conflict, life would be a bore. In all of nature we see a constant struggle to survive. Human life is structured by the same struggle which is the basis of all values. Competition brings out the best in people. It provides the challenge required for people to find their true potential. Dreamers and idealists go on and on about how the world should be or could be, but they can't back it up with hard fact. We need to be realistic; deal with what is here and now. Competition is the reality we have to deal with. Some people imagine that we can avoid the struggle of life altogether. They dream of an ideal world without conflict or injustice. That is neither realistic nor desirable. So long as human nature is what it is, there will always be war, poverty, and crime. When one person possesses something, that automatically means other people are denied it. Our very existence puts us in competition with others. Competition means that there must be winners AND losers. You can't have one without the other. The best thing a person can do, then, is to learn to come out on top.