Paper and Pencil Time!! It doesn't count as practice unless you really DO it.

What to Do

Below is a list of things you are supposed to be able to do by the end of Stage 4. The links take you to short sets of practice problems. We recommend that you follow them all.

Each practice problem has a ANSWER button which will bring up a pop-up window with the answer in it. Some answers also have a full calculation or further explanation in the window.

Feel free to discuss problems with your fellow students, be it in person, via email, over the telephone, or using a Hypernews group if one exists. And don't forget about your instructors - their JOB is to help you!

Expected Study Time

Three hours should be enough time to complete the problems. Allow another hour for the Practice quizzes.

Stage 4 Skills

(See also the official performance criteria)

You are finished with Stage 4 when you can do the following:


Evaluate Limits

Know the Theorems



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