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MTH 251 Differential Calculus

Getting Started

Welcome to the web version of MTH 251.

Here are some things to do right away! Each step below is important. The assignment for the first day of the term is to complete all eight steps.

  1. Look around Blackboard: Take a little time to explore the course Blackboard site and it various features and links.
  2. Calculus on the Web: You will use the COW homework site at Temple University both as a source of practice (ungraded) homework problems and to complete on-line graded homework assignments. To have your graded homework recorded in the COW gradebook you must first get a temporary COW password and use it to create a permanent COW password.
  3. Getting Acquainted with COW: To explore COW, click here and set a bookmark for future use. Look around the COW homework site: and go to Overview > Student Manual. Read this short manual. Really! Login for a graded COW session and click on the Homework botton so see how COW assignments are given. (You may want to print out a copy of the homework assignments either now or later.) Just close your browser when you are finished looking around COW.

Once again, welcome, good luck, and e-mail your instructor if you are having any questions or problems.