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MTH 251 Differential Calculus

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CalculusQuest is the web version of MTH 251, Differential Calculus

Text: Varberg, Purcell, Rigdon: Calculus, Eight Edition, Prentice Hall, 2000.

Some features of the course:

  • students are highly motivated and able to work independently
  • no traditional class or recitation meetings
  • graded web homework assignments and activities using COW (Calculus on the Web)
  • graded quizzes (comprising a running midterm) administered on-line in Blackboard
  • proctored final exam at OSU or at your location with a qualified proctor

This class will use the MTH 251 Section 400 Blackboard site for email communication, certain announcements, discussion board topics, and online quizzing.

The instructor will gladly answer math questions via email.

Contact instructor for more information.