Glycogen Metabolism Outline

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Glycogen structure HERE and HERE

Glycogen Breakdown

Glycogen granules HERE / fates HERE / phosphorylysis reaction HERE

Debranching enzyme activities HERE and HERE

Phosphoglucomutase reaction HERE

Glycogen phosphorylase structure HERE / Schiff base linkage HERE

Phosphorylase reaction mechanism HERE

Phosphorylase a and b HERE / Regulation HERE

Phosphorylase b (muscle) T/R changes HERE

Phosphorylase a (liver) T/R changes HERE

Phosphorylase kinase activation HERE

Hormonal control HERE / Epinephrine HERE / Glucagon HERE

Regulatory cascade HERE

Glycogen Synthesis

UDP-glucose HERE / formation HERE

Addition of a glucose to glycogen HERE

Glycogen metabolism regulation HERE

PP1 reciprocal effects HERE / Control of PP1 HERE

Insulin action HERE

Glucose and regulation of glycogen metabolism HERE and HERE

Glycogen in the lysosome HERE

Glycogen storage diseases HERE

Arm muscle exercise data HERE