Homepage Redesign FAQs

As part of ongoing efforts to improve the digital experience for current students, faculty and staff — as well as provide a modern first look to prospective students — Oregon State is launching a redesigned homepage at oregonstate.edu for the fall term of the 2023-24 year.

This redesigned homepage coincides with the ongoing transition across university web properties to a new version of our content management system. This new system allows us to improve the features, design and experience while maintaining all the navigation properties of the previous version. 

University Relations and Marketing would like to thank the University Information Technology Digital Experience team for their partnership and support in this project. URM would also like to thank the many department representatives and students who participated in listening sessions and user testing during the development of the homepage. Your contributions to this project helped to build a new digital front door to Oregon State University that will serve the community well into the future. 

  • The primary reason for the redesign was to elevate the experience of the digital front door of Oregon State University. The page was last redesigned in April 2017 and since that time, there have been many advances in website design and accessibility that the previous site was unable to take full advantage of.
  • The redesign is part of a larger transition for all OSU websites to update to the new digital branding. The homepage updating to this new look is the start of a process of updating all OSU websites with this new, more modern look.

Part of the redesign involved a reorganization of certain navigation elements to declutter the homepage. Evolution in website design since the last iteration of the site, as well as usage data derived from our analysis, proved the sidebar makes our website look out of date. We adopted a more modern menu and folded everything in a larger menu, which is available in the upper right corner.

Please watch our video walkthrough of the new design for a step by step explanation of changes. 

Initially, the new design will impact the homepage and some of the pages you can reach through the main navigation. About, Academics, Admissions and Research pages are some the most trafficked affected pages.

Yes, this design is the new digital branding that all OSU websites will adopt so that we can provide a consistent experience.  Other websites will transition over to the new branding and content management system over the next year.

MyOregonState is available in the main menu. Click on “Menu” located in the upper right corner to open the main menu, which now includes the most popular pages and resources for OSU students, faculty and staff.

The website redesign doesn’t affect how you log into any OSU system. You can continue logging into your OSU services as you did before.

We have not removed any content from the front page. The same content is available, but it has moved into either the main menu of the website or into the location information located in the middle of the page. The Faculty and Staff link that used to be part of the main menu is now located in the footer.

To access the main menu, click on the “Menu” button in the upper right corner to find links to our top-tier pages and to access commonly used resources for current students, faculty and staff.

Yes, this website was designed to ensure the mobile experience is simple, easy to use and accessible.

Yes, there are no changes to any URLs on the homepage.

You can fill out our survey to provide feedback on the design. We will take into consideration usability issues and iterate the design based on website best practices, analytics and user testing.

This is an update to the homepage that is available to everyone and cannot be turned off for specific people or devices. If you have feedback for changes to the new design, please complete our feedback form.

This redesign has been tested thoroughly by many users for appearance and usability. It has also been tested for accessibility to ensure an equitable experience for everyone.

Below you can find the methods to clear the cache for the most common browser types:

The website looks great on any modern browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. If you are still using Internet Explorer, please update to one of the browsers listed above as it is a security risk to continue using it.