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invasive species


What, me worry?

Specific invasive species

This is a partial list of exotic organisms which might be a threat to nursery production in the Pacific Northwest. Many of these pests have not been found in this region. Some have been detected and are/or have been targeted with eradication efforts. This list is divided into four categories: Diseases; Insects; Slugs and Snails; and Weeds.

alder root rot
boxwood blight
chestnut blight
Chysanthemum white rust
daylily rust
Dutch elm disease
elm yellows mycoplasm
Eastern filbert blight
Japanese apple rust
oak wilt
Phytophthora kernoviae
Pierce's Disease
pine pitch canker
plum pox
sudden oak death

andromeda lacebug
apple ermine moth
Asian gypsy moth
Asian longhorn beetle
Bagrada bug
banded elm bark beetle
brown marmorated stink bug
cereal leaf beetle
cherry bark tortrix
cherry blossom moth

citrus longhorn beetle
Douglas fir twig weevil
Duponchelia fovealis
emerald ash borer
European chafer
European cranefly
European gypsy moth
European pine shoot moth
imported red fire ant
European vine moth
glassywinged sharpshooter
green alder sawfly
Hemerocallis (daylily) midge
light brown apple moth
lily leaf beetle
Japanese beetle
pine shoot beetle
viburnum leaf beetle

Slugs and Snails:
European brown garden snail
Wrinkled dune snail

African rue
giant hogweed

Iberian starthistle
purple loosestrife
purple starthistle
small broomrape
smooth distaff thistle
woolly distaff thistle


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