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Slugs A Guide to the Invasive and Native Fauna of California New

Internet IPM Resources on Slugs and Snails

BLM Species Identification Keys to Terrestrial Mollusks in the Northwest

BLM Species Identification Keys to Aquatic Mollusks in the Northwest

CalPhotos: Animals This is a good site for lots of photos, slugs included.

Capinera, J.L. and J. White. 2011. Terrestrial Snails Affecting Plants in Florida. University of Florida. (July 13, 2011). New

OSU Extension Service: Slugs

UC Pest Management Guidelines for Snails and Slugs

North Carolina State University's Slugs and Snails This site includes a key to many of the common pest snails and slugs.

The Living World of Mollusks A favorite website for snail information and pictures.

Cardiff School of Biosciences Slug Control

Terrestrial Gastropods of the Columbia Basin, British Columbia This is a great site for those in the Pacific Northwest to see what has been found in surveys. The site includes a key and species accounts.

Arbeitskreis Mollusken NRW Text is in German but a good range of photos.

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