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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Nursery IPM Website

Newest pages: snapdragon plume moth, woolly alder aphid, oak leaf blister, maple spider mite, Lupine aphid, Linden aphid, European pine sawfly, Rose stem girdler, Fir coneworm, Glass snails, Hoverflies,Hemerocallis gall midge, Macrosiphum rhamni, symphylans, spotted asparagus beetle; Myzocallis sp. on oak; carnation tortrix

Looking for trouble? 2018 and 2019 posts halted due to IPM alert system hacking.

Honeylocust pod gall midge adult has been sighted (March 23, 2017); white pine weevil (Mar. 24, 2017); spittlebugs (May 8, 2017); woolly beech aphid (May 8, 2017);
azalea sawfly (May 10, 2017); cabbage white butterfly (May 18, 2017); elm leafminer (May 23, 2017); hollyhock weevil (May 30, 2017); black cherry aphid (June 5, 2017); roseslug (June 5, 2017)

Early pest activity from last season stimulated the following alerts: (pear blight beetle (Feb. 29, 2016); white pine weevil (Mar. 4, 2016); western tent caterpillar (Mar. 18, 2016); spittlebugs (April 5, 2016); Viburnum leaf beetle (April 11, 2016); elm leafminer (April 19, 2016); woolly beach aphid (April 21, 2016); boxwood spider mite (April 21, 2016); Narcissus bulb fly (April 22, 2016); pear leaf blister mite (April 25, 2016); honeylocust plant bug (April 26, 2016); azalea leaf gall (April 29, 2016); red turpentine beetle (May 3, 2016); rose curculio weevil (May 5, 2016); pale green weevil (May 3, 2016); azalea sawfly (May 28, 2016),


This website has been established to provide educational materials and links for the identification and management of pests in commercial nursery production in the Pacific Northwest.

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oak leaf blister

woolly alder aphid

Glass snails

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Special Note:

I'm retiring at the end of November 2019. This website will not be updated after that date.

Thanks to all of the contributors and many visitors to this website over the years. I hope you have found it helpful. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my Shop of Little Horrors over the past 25 years.

Robin Rosetta







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