Student activities

In addition to their research responsibilities, student interns visit a wide variety of nurseries, gardens, and conferences in order to gain a better understanding of ornamental crop production.

Students getting a tour of nursery spray equipment.
Visiting the Atlanta Botanical Garden.
Gabriela (Argentina), Magdalena (Poland), Gilda (Ecuador), and Vyacheslav (Ukraine) visit the Hermiston experiment station to learn about crops grown in eastern Oregon.
Every year a picnic is held for student interns from throughout the Oregon nursery industry. This gives interns the opportunity to meet other students with similar summer jobs.
Visit to Silver Falls State Park.
View of Atlanta skyline during trip to the Nursery Research Conference.
Visiting Auburn University in Alabama.
Photographing plants during a nursery visit.
Students visit the installation of Pot-in-Pot container production system.
Students visit a bark handling company. Bark is the primary component in Oregon nursery containers.
Students spend most time studying nursery and greenhouse production. However, we take some time to learn about vegetable and fruit production. Here students learn about potato production in eastern Oregon.
Magdalena, myself, and Gabriela visit the Vista House along the Columbia River Gorge on the way back from a nursery visit.
Gilda (Ecuador) learns about topiary from a local nursery expert.
Eric, from a local nursery, explains to Gilda (Ecuador) and Magdalena (Poland) the intricacies of budding apple trees.

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