Modern Nuclear Chemistry

W. Loveland, D. Morrissey, G. Seaborg

Table of Contents

1. Introductory Concepts
2. Nuclear Properties
3. Radioactive Decay Kinetics
4. Radiotracers
5. Nuclear Forces
6. Nuclear Structure
7. Alpha Decay
8. Beta Decay
9. Gamma Ray Decay
10. Nuclear Reactions
11. Fission
12. Nuclear Reactions in Nature - Cosmochemistry (coming soon)
13. Analytical Applications of Nuclear Reactions
14. Reactors and Accelerators
15. (coming soon)
16. The Transuranium Elements
17. Interaction of Radiation with Matter
18. Radiation Detectors
19. Radiochemical Techniques in Nuclear Chemistry (coming soon)

A. Tables of Fundamental Constants and Handy Dandy Conversion Factors
B. Table of Nuclear Masses and Properties
C. Periodic Table of the Elements
D. Alphabetical List of Elements
E. Elements of Quantum Mechanics

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