vet staff examining corgi

Find yourself out on the range

Both commodity and companion, domesticated animals provide humans with food, fiber, labor and emotional support. So, it makes sense that we need experts to keep them as healthy and productive as possible. This is where animal scientists come in.

Animal scientists help put food on our tables. They partner with farmers to improve livestock breeding, ensure adequate nutrition over the animal’s lifespan and prevent disease. They look out for the environmental impact of animal agriculture, check meat and milk for pathogens, find better ways to manage rangeland and even study the ways our house pets communicate with us.

As an expert in animal biology and behavior, you’ll spend your days improving the way we keep and employ the animals in our care. Cattle, swine, sheep or fowl, what animal agriculture, recreation and companionship may look like a decade from now well, that could be up to you!

Make caring for animals your life’s work. Become an animal scientist.

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