growers examining young trees

Take the path from farm to table

Everything we eat takes a long and winding journey from field to fork. Each item is grown, harvested, processed, packaged, transported and marketed before it ever reaches your table. The way this process unfolds can have an immense political, economic and environmental ripple effect.

Business experts with the passion and skill to maintain healthy global food systems are needed more than ever. Empowering farmers to practice environmental stewardship, reducing food waste, removing dangerous chemicals from the food chain — these are the ways we ensure a healthy food system for generations to come.

As an agribusiness professional, you will spend your days solving pressing problems at the intersection of business, agriculture and natural resources. Whether by ensuring fair wages for cocoa farmers or finding a creative way to address food insecurity in your community, your career will be a rewarding one.

Become an advocate for food system change. Start your career in agribusiness.

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