WORTHE @ the Women's Center

WORTHE (Women Returning to Higher Education)

The WORTHE program @ the Women’s Center is designed to support undergraduate women, twenty five years & older, in their academic success and preparation for professional careers.  

Our 2013 cohort consists of women who are pursuing their undergraduate degree while maintaining other responsibilities and relationships beyond the college experience such as work, parenting, and other care giving roles. 


The three areas we will be focusing on are :

  1. Academic success
  2. Mentoring and Networking
  3. Preparation for success in advancing/starting exciting careers


Throughout the year we will host workshops, networking socials and other events to support WORTHE students’ success in the three areas above.  There are also scholarship opportunities available at WORTHE.


Are you 25+? There is still time to register!

Contact Sadie Davis at: sadie.davis2@oregonstate.edu


Center Director: Mirabelle Fernandes Paul. Write to Mirabelle at mirabelle.fernandes-paul@oregonstate.edu