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Friday, April 22, 2011

Most workshops are to be held in the Memorial Union(MU).
Select any of the following workshops you would like to attend:
1 pm How to Ace a Job Interview
Your Voice. Your Experience. Your Time to Thrive!
Empowering Ourselves: Unlocking and Harnessing Your Potential
Relationships & Communication from a Male Perspective
2 pm Professionalism 101
Gendered Communications
Sexy Communication for the Modern Woman Writing your Personal Mission Statement
3 pm Destroying the Sexual Double Standard: Fostering Sexual Empowerment in Young Women Sports, Recreation and Confidence
Dealing with Conflict and Difficult Conversations Life after College-101
4 pm Improve your Body Image, Improve your Self-Esteem
Self-Care and Stress Reduction
Body Maps: Tapping Into Our Intuitive Navigation Systems to Realize Our Dreams
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