Scholarship Information

Below are various resources for scholarships. They will be updated as we receive information abotu these scholarships. If you have a question, we will try to answer it but keep in mind that the scholarships are not being offered explicitly through the Women's Center.

2012-2013 Scholarships

OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop Scholarship 2012

OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop offers $2,400 in scholarships for older than average women students. Applicants must be Benton County residents age 26 or older by March 19, 2012 enrolled full-time at OSU in Fall 2011 in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Professional degree program and send in their applications by March 19th, 2011. Forms are available in the Financial Aid Office at OSU, Oregon State University head advisor offices and in the OSU Women’s Center, as well as at the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop on the corner of 2and Jackson streets downtown.

College of Liberal Arts Scholarship Applications are now available!

Students can find these applications on our Web site at The criteria for each scholarship are listed in the application, as well as in the “Undergraduate Scholarship List” attached and located at this site.

The deadline to turn the applications into Gilkey 213 is March 30th, 2012 at 5:00pm.

Zonta Scholarship 2012-2013

Zonta Service Foundation of Corvallis is accepting applications for its 2012-2013 scholarships. A minimum of 10 scholarships are being offered; offers $900 per quarter to help cover tuition, fees, books, and supplies charged to a recipient's account at either Linn Benton Community College or Oregon State University.  For LBCC/OSU degree partnership students, the total payment can be divided between the two institutions

Zonta Application Click Here

Zonta Scholarship Announcement

Latino and Hispanic Student Scholarships

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