Reserve the Women's Center

Reservations for events must be scheduled at least two days in advance. If necessary, a key for one time use will be made available for pickup in the Memorial Union Business Office during their regular operating hours.

Priority reservations for use of the Women’s Center during non-business hours or low usage hours will occur as follows:

  • OSU students and Recognized Student Organizations
  • May reserve the Women's Center 3 months in advance for one-time or long-term use. Continuing reservations must be renewed every three months.
  • OSU Departments
  • May reserve the Women's Center 4 weeks in advance for one-time use. Professors may schedule classes at the Women's Center for a one-time use, but may not have a continuous reservation for the term.
  • Non-OSU Organizations
  • Can make reservations for a weekend date or a summer term date up to 4 weeks in advance for one-time use; can make evening reservations up to two weeks in advance.
  • Private/Individual Parties
  • Private functions may reserve the space at a price of $50 for 2 hours or $100 for more than 2 hours. These reservations can only be made on weekends, summer weekdays and non-high usage times at the discretion of the Director.

At no time may the Women’s Center be reserved for purposes that charge for admission, involves sale of products or pay an individual for services.

Policies for Women's Center Reservations:

Alcohol/Controlled Substances
No alcohol or controlled substances are allowed inside of or adjacent to the Women’s Center facility at any time without prior arrangements with OSU Risk Management.

Animals, with the exception of service dogs, are not allowed in any campus building and may not be brought to campus property and left unattended for any length of time. Animals found unattended or in buildings will be impounded and transported to the Humane Society at the owner’s expense.

Audio-Visual Equipment
The TV and DVD player are available for use by scheduled groups and individuals. Flip chart and markers can be available upon request.

Laptop computer, projector, and screen may only be used during the hours that the Women’s Center is open and will be set up by our staff.  Student Multimedia Services has projectors and laptops available for checkout after that time.

Bicycles are to be parked in bike racks only—not on sidewalks, building entrances, stairwells, accessibility ramps and exits. Bicycles are not allowed inside the Women’s Center.

Furnishings within the Women’s Center are not to be removed from the facility without the approval of the Director. If any furniture is rearranged, it must be put back in its original configuration after your event is complete.

Any spills on the carpet or furniture should be reported to the Women’s Center staff so that proper cleaning can occur. A minimum $25 charge may be assessed for cleaning, damages, breakages, loss of equipment or failure to return a key (as per the Key Loan Contract).

Kitchen Use
Your group must wash all dishes used, and trash should be disposed of promptly at the end of your event/meeting. Clean up of the kitchen includes wiping counters and floors and disposing food items in the dumpster behind Benton Hall. Please notify a Women’s Center staff member if you need refrigerator storage space for any amount of time as we frequently clean the space and dispose of waste.

Noise Policy
The staff of the Women's Center will continue their work duties during regular business hours, regardless of the schedule of events/meetings. Noise at your event/meeting that disrupts the business of the Women’s Center should be kept to a minimum.  A staff member may ask you to end an event/meeting if noise cannot be controlled.

Indoor and/or outdoor events that involve the use of amplified sound, musical instruments, and/or crowd noise must be terminated by 11:00pm nightly.  Playing a sound device (such as stereo, TV, or radio) that is audible for more than 50 feet from the source of the sound at any time is unlawful.

Smoking/Fire Regulations
There is no smoking allowed inside of or adjacent to the Women’s Center facility at any time. As of 2012, no smoking will be allowed anywhere on the OSU campus.

Candles, open flames, incense burners, fire devices or other potential fire hazards are not allowed within University owned buildings as per the City of Corvallis Fire Marshall. There are no exceptions to this rule within the Women’s Center.

Failure to abide by any of these policies may result in the termination of your group, department, or organization’s use of the Women’s Center facilities.

Please click here to fill our Center reservation form. Completed forms may be emailed as an attachment to A Women's Center staff member will email you within 48 hours regarding the status of your request. If you have questions, you can call the Women's Center at 541-737-3186 or email at