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Monday, February 14, 2011

Anger and Female Sexual Pleasure
4 - 6p, Women's Center
Sex and Anger are uniquely connected. Anger can be a difficult emotion for many women and this important emotion impacts female sexual response. Learn more about the sexual continuum and how our anger can work for us as well as against us. Managing your anger instead of controlling it or acting it out leads to constructive conflict instead of heartache and sexual frustration. Anger Management provides a healthy outlet for anger and rage, providing fuller access to sexual response.

This workshop will teach you the Seven Steps Toward Anger Management and how it can enhance your sex life!  Added bonus: discover female erogenous zones that were only recently mapped by scientists!

Hosted by:
Veronica Monet


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Clashes and Crashes at the Intersections of Identities: Empowering LGBT College Students and Unanticipated Pushback
12-2p, @ MU 213

This workshop begins with a 35-minute OSU student-produced documentary on the 2001 founding and creation of the OSU Queer Resource Center (now the Pride Center). A discussion will follow on the identity-related clashes depicted in the documentary between individual students and student groups, and how those clashes were ultimately resolved.

Hosted by:
Phyllis S. Lee, Ph.D., Founding Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Retired
Steven Leider, Director of LGBT Services and Outreach
Christian Matheis, ASOSU Student Advocate


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Keynote Speech delivered by Charlie Glickman

Act Like a Man: Sexuality and Masculinity in the 21st Century
Despite some shifts in male gender roles and models of masculinity, in most respects, cultural expectation around how men are supposed to act have been highly resistant to change. The rules of masculinity suffuse our culture at every level and, as a result, exert a strong influence on relationships, sexuality, and gender roles. With over 20 years of experience discussing and teaching workshops on this topic, Charlie Glickman PhD will explore some of the ways that these cultural messages affect how people of all genders and sexual orientations continue to shape and define masculinity. Charlie will explore the ways in which boys and men are shamed for violating the rules of masculinity, how the pressure that exerts on them reinforces and reifies gender roles, and discuss strategies for responding to it in more positive ways.

Conservatism and Modern Sexuality: Is it a Paradox?
This lecture style presentation is based largely on experiential knowledge but aided strongly by feminist theory and perspectives on Modernity. The goal is to contextualize sexuality in non-western settings and bring out the unique interplay of culture and religion that shapes accepted parameters of sexual thought and behavior in conservative societies.

Hosted by:
Amarah Niazi is a doctorate student in Applied Anthropology. Her research interest has focused on 'Gender and Development' issues in South Asia. Prior to resuming her graduate education, Amarah worked with International Aid and Development agencies in the US. Her doctorate research explores Modernity and Autonomy among rural Muslim women in Pakistan.

Crossing Borderlands, Mestiza Consciousness, and the Road to Affinity: the works and theories of feminist author Gloria Anzaldua
Goria Anzaldua's texts present metaphors for feminist identity politics: mestiza consciousness, the bridging of identities, and the path to conocimiento. We'll discuss Anzaldua's texts and their methodologies for bridging between difference and representing multiple, shifting and interconnected identities that embody the ever-changing, infinitely diverse, and communally-tied voices endowed with an affinity for relationships of mutual respect and social justice.

Hosted by:
Rachael Cate is an M.A. student in English and Women's Center administrative assistant at Oregon State University. She has authored magazine articles, poetry and fiction for various publications, including The Bear Deluxe Magazine. A world traveler interested in ethnography and community literacy projects, she has taught English and worked for nonprofit organizations in Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia and Washington DC as well presented her research on Ecofeminism and feminist theory at OSU.

Culture of the Clit
Ever wondered why what's 'down there' has such a great impact of life 'out here'? Come explore the mysteries of the clitoris, as we reveal its hidden history and unveil its great mysteries. Learn how keeping women in the dark about their sexual power Keeps women from realizing their fullest potential both in and out of the bedroom.

Hosted by:
Jennifer and Rachel are current MPH students in Health Promotion at OSU. Both have extensive experience in sexual health education and are staunch feminist activists (that's right, we use the f-word!).

The Curious Lives of Sex Toys
Have you ever wondered about the curious lives of sex toys. How exactly does that rabbit vibrator even work? Come to this workshop to learn all about sex toys and discuss everything from history to sex toy health. Discover what pleases you!

Hosted by:
Angie recently graduated from OSU with a Master in Public Health. She is a Sexual Health Educator dedicated to and passionate about sexual health, sexuality, and the art of sexual pleasure.

Fabulously Fetish
Interested in discovering your inner Fetishists or just wondering what the heck this world is actually all about. Come to this workshop and discover the art of fabulously fetish sex. Everything from the history, to what is a furry?, to safe sexual fetish practices will be discussed.

Hosted by:
Angie recently graduated from OSU with a Master in Public Health. She is a Sexual Health Educator dedicated to and passionate about increasing awareness of sexual health, sexuality, and the art of sexual pleasure. Marisa is an OSU undergraduate in HDFS, the Volunteer and Recognition Coordinator at the Pride Center and is interested in Queer Studies, student leadership, and healthy sex

Finding a Healthy Sexual Balance
Sexual addiction is a biological, social, psychological and spiritual phenomenon that disrupts one's ability to live a full and balanced life. This workshop will explore the behavior, thinking, and psychological issues related to sex addiction. We will also explore what are the chances for redefining sexual needs and getting them met in a direct and balanced manner.

Hosted by:
Jim Gouveia LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and is counselor at OSU CAPS and has also taught addictions at OSU in the Masters in Counseling Ed program for five years. Jim has worked in the filed of mental health and addictions for over 20 years.

It's a Man's World: How Sexism Affects Men
Hey guys, did you know that you are affected by sexism too? It's a Man's World presents a panel of male faculty/staff and students who are aware of how sexism limits who they can be and how intersecting identities of class, sexual orientation, and race shape how to be male.

Organized by:
Cara Ashworth

The Liberated Relationship
Out of a desire for authentic relationships, autonomy, exploration, radical honesty, mutual respect, and support, a couple challenged society's monogamous norms, and defined their own set of values. Join the presenters in a discussion of how and why they transformed their traditional, conservative marriage into an open, committed partnership.

Hosted by:
Julie George is an MAIS student and GTA at OSU. Darrin George has worked as a professional Firefighter/Paramedic for 13 years and is a senior at Marylhurst University majoring in Human Studies and Communications. They have been together for 13 years and are privileged to parent five amazing children.

A Modern Approach to Consent
This interactive presentation will explore the evolution of consent throughout history and how it has led to modern perspectives about this complex topic. This program seeks to increase knowledge involving both historic and current understandings of consent and increase comfort level with the topic. Participants will be asked to think critically about sexual boundaries and communication.

Hosted by:
The Every1 Sexual Violence Awareness Peer Educators have been working to educate the OSU community for five years. Every1 believes that every person sexually assaulted in one too many and that it will take Every1 person to end sexual violence. Each peer educator has completed over fifty hours of sexual violence prevention training and is dedicated to creating positive change within our community.

More than Two-Spirits: Native American Gender Constructions
Gender expression within Native America covers a much broader range than male, female and two spirit. This presentation will explore how gender expression is defined in certain tribal communities and in what ways colonization, missionary exposure, and assimilation have changed, altered, and re-created Native gender expression.

Hosted by:
Allison Davis-White Eyes is currently the Director of American Indian Initiatives in the Office of Intercultural Student Services. She holds a B.A. and M.A. from U.C.L.A in American History/American Indian Studies, and is currently working on her Doctorate at O.S.U.

Porn as a Feminist Tool
In response to the sexism and other oppressive themes in porn, some create porn to fit how they think it should be. In this workshop, watch clips and examples of feminist, queer, and counter-culture porn, and hear about the ways this body of work is influencing people for the better.

Hosted by:
Tobi Hill-Meyer won the Feminist Porn Award for Emerging Filmmaker 2010 for her groundbreaking film, Doing it Ourselves: The Trans Woman Porn Project, the first porn film by and for trans women. She is also a writer and activist, frequently involved social and political campaigns.

Power and Access: Exploring Privilege in LGBT Student Populations
With crayons, the Model of Multiple Dimensions of Identity Development, and an intersectional approach to the "Invisible Knapsack" of privilege, we will explore working effectively with multidimensional LGBT populations both within LGBT services and throughout campus resources. We'll take theory to practice through case studies addressing the nuances of serving LGBT students.

Hosted by:
Lexi Kendall is the Program Assistant for the UO LGBT Education and Support Service Program and is a graduate of the UO Humanities program. Cat McGraw is the Director of the Queer Resource Center at Portland State University. She is a graduate of OSU's College Student Services Administration program.

Sexual License:  the Halfway Point between Culture and Biology
This paper will examine the reciprocal nature between culture and biology by focusing on how these two factual meccas grant us sexual ability based upon our biological capacities.

Hosted by: Ayla Ervin
I am a sophomore student with Portland State's School of Community Health Education. I hope to someday work in Public Health focusing on eradicating Social Injustices in health practices.

Sexuality, Shame, and Sex-Positivity
Sexual shame is one of the biggest challenges that many people face. We will discuss the roots of shame, how it can both serve and hinder us, how shame reinforces social rules, and the differences between toxic shame and pro-social shame. We will then explore socio-cultural dynamics of erotophobia, sex-negativity, and how to foster sex-positive responses.

Hosted by:
Charlie Glickman, PhD is a sexuality educator and writer. In addition to running the education programs at Good Vibrations, he also offers workshops and classes on sex-positivity, sexual shame, various sexual practices and communities, adult education principles and techniques, and male gender socialization. He is certified as a sexuality educator by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists. You can find out more about him at

SEXversations:  a Card Game
An experiential skill-building workshop to help participants develop their sexual literacy in an open and honest environment. The program will help participants identify safer sex practices, tips on how to have healthy, sexy conversations about sex, and strategies for implementing barrier methods in the heat of the moment.

Hosted by:
Malinda Shell is a Health Educator in the Health Promotion Department of OSU's Student Health Services. She's been here since 1998, and has been providing sexual health education, outreach, programs and services for nearly 5 years. Samantha Leeds is a graduate student in her third year as the Sexual Health Coordinator for Health Promotion.

Talking about the Taboo: Myths and Facts about Anal Pleasure
Anal sex can be a pleasurable experience when done correctly, or a painful and negative nightmare when it goes wrong. This workshop will discuss the topic of safe anal pleasure and play. Brandy will discuss communication tips, anatomy, lubrication, condoms, and myths regarding one of the last sexual taboos.

Hosted by:
Brandy Durbin Woudstra has worked as a sexuality educator for over 12 years. She is the Lead Educator and Manager for It’s My Pleasure, Portland’s original feminist sex toy boutique. Brandy has taught workshops about BDSM, Enhancing Sex with Toys, Female Pleasure & Health, Female G-Spot and Ejaculation, Male Pleasure, Strap On Sex 101, and Intro to Open Relationships. She has taught workshops for Oregon Health Sciences University, Planned Parenthood, Reed College, Portland State University, Portland Community College, Linnfield College, Pacific University, Lewis & Clark, Oregon State University, and The University of Oregon.

Toward a Queer of Color Critique: Defying the Homonormative
The mainstream gay movement has advanced the perceived normalcy of LGBTQ folks as citizens of and adherents to the norms of the heteropatriarchal nuclear family model, as the paradigm through which our rights to marriage equality hinge. Engaging a queer of color critique, we'll dismantle normal to defy the heteronormative and the homonormative.

Hosted by:
Tab Dansby is a senior in Public Health, Erin Cahill is an undergraduate student and artist, Heather Montes Ireland is a graduate student in Women & Ethnic Studies and a graduate instructor of Women Studies, Keith Nishida is a graduate student & instructor of Design & Human Environment, all at Oregon State University.

Trans Health Advocates
Do you want to see more trans-inclusive health care providers in Benton County? Please give me feedback on a possible proposal to Benton County Health Department for a Trans Health Advocate group which uses peer teaching methods to increase transgender health competency in health care.

Hosted by:
Cara Ashworth is an undergraduate in Public Health and has been an employee of the OSU Pride Center for more than three years.

What's One More?: Polyamory, Non-Monogamy, and Relationship Diversity
Some people want more connections. Some people want one true love. Some people are sluts. Which one are you? Kick the taboo and come learn about sex, love and relationships in another framework or stay away and wonder what all the giggling is about in the next room.

Hosted by:
Christian Matheis, Student Advocate and instructor of Adult Education & Higher Education Leadership at Oregon State University, has served the campus since 2007 as political advisor and community organizer. This includes teaching courses on grassroots, direct-action and community organizing, political identity development and political agency.

Your Sexual Bill of Rights
Veronica Monet challenges you to reflect on the personal as well as political implications of a society where sexual orientation and sexual behavior are variously controlled by government and she invites you to envision an holistic approach to sexuality.

Hosted by:
Veronica Monet, an honor graduate of Oregon State University, is a certified Sexologist (American College of Sexologists), Sex Educator (San Francisco Sex Information) and Anger Management Specialist (Century Anger Management). Monet's political activism includes Bay Area Bisexual Network, COYOTE, SWOP and the Corvallis Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence.