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Lost & Overdue Book Policy
Four weeks after a book is due and not returned, a letter or email will be sent reminding the borrower that the book is overdue. If the book is not returned at the end of five weeks, it is declared lost, and the account will be turned over to Business Affairs. If the book is returned before it is turned over to Business Affairs, there will be no charge.

If it is turned over to Business Affairs, the book will be charged on the basis of the cover price or if the book is out of print, a $30.00 charge will be assessed. In addition, there will be a $5.00 service charge for processing. If the book is returned, the cover price can be refunded but the $5.00 service charge is forfeited. The service charge is used to defray mailing costs.

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Author Title Category Year
Madaras Talks to Teens about AIDS HE/GEN 0
Hull & Scott & Smith But Some of Us Are Brave SS/WS 0
Madaras, Lynda Linda Madaras Talks to Teens About AIDS HE/GEN 0
Uglow, Jennifer The International Dictionary of Women's Biography HUM/NF 0
Reagon, Bernice Compositions: One HUM/ART 0
Will Keim Welcome To The Time of Your Life GEN/HOW 2010
Patti Lather, Chris Smithies Troubling the Angels: Women Living With HIV/AIDS HE/REP 1997
Rutledge, Leigh W. The Gay Decades SS/LGBTQ 1992
Jossey-Bass The Jossey-Bass Reader on Gender in Education ED/HI 2002
Nuwer, Hank Wrongs of Passage: Fraternities, Sororities, Hazing, and Binge Drinking ED/HI 1999
French, Marilyn The War Against Women SS/WS 1992
Wynne, Patrice The Womanspirit Sourcebook HUM/ART 0
Michelson, Maureen Women & Work HUM/NF 0
Kelber, Mim The Spirit of Houston HUM/NF 0
Bowman, Meg Readings For Women's Programs BUS/LEAD 0
Harrison, Barbara Guizzuti Unlearning the Lie: Sexism in School ED/SEX 1973
Mialaret, Gaston The Child's Right to Education ED/SEX 1979
Sprung, Barbara Non-Sexist Education for Young Children: A Practical Guide ED/SEX 1975
Wenniger, Mary Dee & Mary Conroy (Eds.) Gender Equity or BUST ED/SEX 2001
Yates, Barbara and others We'll Do It Ourselves: Combating Sexism in Education ED/SEX 1974
Clinton, Kate What the L? SS/LGBTQ 2005
Nunn, Richard E. Popular Mechanics Complete Manual of Home Repair and Improvement GEN/HOW 1975
Todd, Robyn and Lesley Dormen How to Survive Your Boyfriend's Divorce GEN/HOW 1999
Barreca, Regina The Penguin Book of Women's Humor GEN/HUM 1996
Barreca, Regina Perfect Husbands (& Other Fairy Tales) GEN/HUM 1993
Bechdel, Alison Dykes to Watch Out For GEN/HUM 1986
Chambers, Jane My Blue Heaven GEN/HUM 1981
Dean, Elizabeth Coming Out! GEN/HUM 1992
Reiser, Paul Couplehood GEN/HUM 1994
Davies, Miranda and Natania Jansz Women Travel: Adventures, Advice and Experience GEN/TRAV 1990

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