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Lost & Overdue Book Policy
Four weeks after a book is due and not returned, a letter or email will be sent reminding the borrower that the book is overdue. If the book is not returned at the end of five weeks, it is declared lost, and the account will be turned over to Business Affairs. If the book is returned before it is turned over to Business Affairs, there will be no charge.

If it is turned over to Business Affairs, the book will be charged on the basis of the cover price or if the book is out of print, a $30.00 charge will be assessed. In addition, there will be a $5.00 service charge for processing. If the book is returned, the cover price can be refunded but the $5.00 service charge is forfeited. The service charge is used to defray mailing costs.

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Book Details

Author Yates, Barbara and others
Title We'll Do It Ourselves: Combating Sexism in Education
Category ED/SEX
Keywords sexism; education; student; discrimination in education; teachers; teaching; deviant behavior; subversive; Puerto Rican, oppression of gays; gay minority; women's studies; child care; law; health; student group; essay; essays
Publisher Lincoln, Nebraska: Student Committee Study Commission on Undergraduate Education
Year 1974
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