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Lost & Overdue Book Policy
Four weeks after a book is due and not returned, a letter or email will be sent reminding the borrower that the book is overdue. If the book is not returned at the end of five weeks, it is declared lost, and the account will be turned over to Business Affairs. If the book is returned before it is turned over to Business Affairs, there will be no charge.

If it is turned over to Business Affairs, the book will be charged on the basis of the cover price or if the book is out of print, a $30.00 charge will be assessed. In addition, there will be a $5.00 service charge for processing. If the book is returned, the cover price can be refunded but the $5.00 service charge is forfeited. The service charge is used to defray mailing costs.

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Author Title Category Year
West, Celeste A Lesbian Love Advisor: The Sweet and Savory Arts of Lesbian Courtship SS/LGBTQ 1989
Cherry, Robert Who Gets the Good Jobs: Combating Race and Gender Disparities BUS 2001
Gravitz, Herbert L. and Julie D. Bowden Guide To Recovery: A Book For Adult Children of Alcoholics SS/PSY 1985
Mindell, Phyllis How to Say it For Women BUS/LEAD 2001
Wheatley, Margaret Leadership the new Science BUS/LEAD 1994
Enkelis, Liane On Our Own Terms BUS 1995
Vozenilek, Helen Loss of the Ground-Note SS/WS 1992
Martin, Grace Brandt An Oregon Schoolma'am: Book Two, the Depression Years HUM/BIO 1981
Cooperrider, David, Whitney Diana Appreciative Inquiry BUS/LEAD 2005
Coughline, Linda, Wingar, Ellen, et. al. Elightened Power BUS/LEAD 2005
Kouzes, James and Pozner, Barry The Leadership Challenge BUS/LEAD 2002
Pogrebin, Letty Cottin Getting Yours: How to Make the System Work for the Working Woman BUS 1975
Salmansohn, Karen How to Succeed in business without a Penis BUS 1996
Sedlar, Jeri & Rick Miners On Target BUS 1993
Martin, Grace Brandt An Oregon Schoolma'am: From Rimrocks to Tidelands HUM/BIO 1981
Bianchi, Anne Smart Choices: A Woman's Guide to Returning to School ED/HI 1990
Evans, Arthur Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture SS/LGBTQ 1978
Bracken, Susan, Alle, Jeanie and Dean, Diane eds. The Balancing Act: Gender Perspectives in Faculty Roles ED/HI 2006
Chliwniak, Luba Higher Education Leadership ED/HI 1997
Dean, Diane, Bracke, Susan, and Allen J. Women in Acacemic Leadership ED/HI 2009
Gunsalus, C.K. The College administrator's Survival Guide ED/HI 2006
Higher Education Research Institute A Social Model of Leadership ED/HI 1996
Bordas, Juana Salsa, Soul & Spirit: Leadershp for a Multicultural Age BUS/LEAD 2007
Morgan Perry Sex + Money: A National Search for Human Worth SS/VP 0
Chicago, Judy The Dinner Party HUM/ART 0
Shiva Staying Alive SCI/ENV 0
Julianne Moore Our Bodies, Ourselves HE/GEN 2005
Hurston, Zora I Love Myself When I Am laughing... HUM/FIC 0
Blair Goddess for Every Season HUM/PHIL 0
Bowman Reading's For Women's Programs HUM/POE 0

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