Internships & Practicum


Women’s Center Internship Opportunities

The Women’s Center welcomes interns and will help create customized intern and practicum positions based on an individual’s needs, skills, and interests.

To be considered for an internship, please contact three weeks before the start of the term they wish to begin.

Interested individuals can download, print, and fill out an internship application here.

Interns often work among these topic areas:

 Multimedia and Publications Internship

Multimedia and Publications Coordinators with supervise intern(s).  Examples of projects within this internship position include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Update resources on Women’s Center website.
  • Develop video vignettes about feminism, perceptions of the Women’s Center, women’s issues in general. Film the events and programs put on at the Women’s Center. Start a YouTube section for OSU Women’s Center videos.
  • Create a feminist magazine like U of O’s, The Siren examining current issues facing women trans-nationally, or with a focus on a special topic. Unlike the Women’s Center W.I.R.E. Zine, this publication is intended to be more formal and professional in both its authorship and design.
  • Write for the Women’s Center blog, Barometer column, or Zine.
    • Create a blog for first-year and/or new students with helpful tips, hints, and advice.  Provide blog visitors with a weekly update that could include the following: campus programming that relates to their experiences as new students. Create an assessment to find out they want to know; collect info from returning students about what they wish they knew; offer practical advice about budgeting, academic success skills, and navigating financial aid.


Program Internship

Program Coordinators will supervise intern(s). Examples of projects within this internship position include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Organize a program or series on a topic affecting women. Potential program ideas: Mental Health, Sexual Health, International Women’s Issues, Leadership Development, Freedom to Marry Day, Love Your Body Day, No-Logo Day, National No Diet Day, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Sex-Trafficking, the Feminization of Poverty, an examination of weight-bias on our campus, Equal Rights Amendment, or media portrayals of women and girls.
  • Organize a clothing/food/baby supplies drive for the Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence or OSU’s Human Services Resource Center.
  • Plan a theatrical performance about a women’s issue.  For example, That Takes Ovaries or The Vagina Monologues.
  • Update and add to the resource binders in the reference section of the library to assist students writing research papers on the various topics we offer information on.  Add scholarly articles, suggested reading list, contacts, etc.
  • Organize a feminist book club in collaboration with Bitch Media in Portland and blog about the discussions.
  • Organize a body-positive Recycled-Fashion Show for women of all shapes and sizes. 


 Outreach & Activism Internship

Outreach & Activism Coordinators will supervise intern(s). Examples of projects within this internship position include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Develop a marketing strategy that reaches new audiences. Plan a new marketing idea for each week of the term. This could include tabling, handing out information in front of MU/Dixon Rec, creating WC promotional stakes, etc.
  • Create ways to connect with non-traditional audiences about Women’s Center programs and services (Athletes, Greek Life, religious organizations, INTO-OSU and International Programs, Residence Life, etc.).
  • Organize a fundraiser a local non-profit; for instance, developing and selling a Women’s Center cookbook.
  • Create a resource guide or zine about being an active and informed consumer. Find out the politics of the companies behind the products—examine and report what you discover including worker compensation, fair trade agreements, working conditions, human rights records in the manufacturing countries’. Provide info about shopping alternatively, how to take action, and/or host groups, WC house parties, or meetings to provoke further discussion.
  • Work with new collaborative partners to develop programs (Honors College, Women & Minorities in Engineering, Women in Science).
  • Help WC staff create an OSU Women’s Resource Guide that could be updated and reprinted yearly.


Professional & Academic Development Internship

This internship involves all of the following components and responsibilities:

  • Assist SisterScholars Mentorship Coordinator (Sarah McConnel) in current projects.
  • Coordinate speaker series for Women’s Leadership Initiative for winter term – find professional women from various academic disciplines and colleges, professions, and career experiences. 
  • Work with Graduate Women’s Network programs and marketing. Plan workshops and events around topics that directly relate to the graduate student experience such as salary negotiation, career and/or financial planning, staying motivated, time and stress management, networking, getting published, tips for choosing an advisor and committee, advice on research and writing, improving the environment for women in the sciences, emotional fatigue and coping with academic pressures, and building peer relationships and support networks.
  • Develop a contact list of a faculty member in each department to promote GWN events via email or get on graduate student listserves.


The Women’s Center is always looking for creative and inventive people to make a difference for women at OSU. If you have an idea for an internship that is not listed, please make an appointment with the WC director to discuss your options. 541-737-1330