Confidence Conference Proposals 2012


We are looking for 50-minute workshop proposals for the 2012 Confidence Conference. The workshops will take place on April 27th. 

Developed by students who have always believed that there can never be too much confidence, The Confidence Conference is devoted entirely to building confidence for all by opening up individual’s minds to qualities they may have never seen in themselves. Our belief is that by making one person realize their true potential, it will only create a positive ripple effect for them and anyone they encounter. Through our keynote speaker and a series of workshops we hope to reach as many people as we can to come and learn more about themselves and what they can accomplish. We have all heard, “Confidence is key,” but it is time to start believing in ourselves and find out how to use that confidence within us everyday.

Proposal Guidelines:

  • Workshop must be 50-minutes long
  • Must address issues of confidence in these four categories: image, personal, relationship, and future
Proposal Form:

Must be at least 200 words, 250 max

200 word max

The four categories are: personal, image, relationships, and future.

Tell us about yourself!
200 word max