Women's Leadership Initiative

Women’s Leadership Initiative (W.L.I.) Seminar Series is a collaborative initiative sponsored by the Women’s Center that focuses on enhancing the career and leadership development of undergraduate and graduate women.

The Women's Center encourages both undergraduate and graduate women to step forward and make a difference by joining the Women's Leadership Initiative. Nominations are sought from faculty members during the Fall Term and accepted year-round.

OSU Women’s Leadership Initiative

  • Encouraging both undergraduate and graduate women to step forward and make a difference.
  • Teaching public speaking, conflict resolution, negotiation, networking, and collaboration.
  • Appreciating the rich diversity of our campus community & our world.
  • Mentoring emerging leaders and promoting student development.
  • Engaging in service to the community.
  • Supporting student engagement and active involvement in creating social change.

The Women’s Leadership Initiative was re-designed for the 2010-11 academic year. Instead of teaching an academic class, a seminar series was developed and 22 students were nominated by academic faculty at OSU. We have had a speaker/workshop series and offer a “leadership certificate” to those who complete 8 of 10 workshops. Winter Term intern, Kim McAloney set up the following speakers: Dana Emerson (LBCC), Celeste Walls (OSU Speech Comm), Mamta Accapadi (OSU Dean of Student Life), Bridget Burns (OUS Board of Higher Ed) and Tim McMahon (U of O and author of Exploring Leadership).  StrengthQuest training was also a part of this initiative and goal setting with Moira Dempsey was included. 22-25 people participated. WLI students met Jean Kilbourne after her talk on April 19. There will be an end of the year celebration at the home of Beth Rietveld later this month.

In 2010, the Women’s Leadership Initiative had 25 students involved in the academic class (WS 499/599) and many more interested in other speaker and networking activities through the remainder of the year. Speakers for winter term included:

  • Celeste Walls, Speech Communications
  • Mamta Accapadi, Dean of Student Life
  • Kathleen Moore, Philosophy
  • Luanne Lawrence, VP for University Advancement
  • Tim McMahon, author of Exploring Leadership: For College Students Who want to Make a Difference
  • Allison Davis-White Eyes, American Indian Initiatives
  • Betty Roberts, first woman Supreme Court justice in Oregon
  • Juana Bordas, author of Salsa, Soul and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age.