2013 Women's Center Student Awards


We are excited to announce our second annual OSU Women’s Center awards!


This announcement in particular is about the student awards, which are to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of scholarship, leadership, and service of one undergraduate and one graduate woman at Oregon State University.


Please take time to nominate one or more of your exceptional students for this recognition.  Take into consideration any women (currently enrolled graduate or undergraduate) that have excelled in course work; contributed to their field through research or published works; taken on leadership roles in clubs or organizations; or are trusted and dependable student workers in labs, departments, or elected offices.


The OSU Women’s Center student awards committee is depending on you to celebrate women that have made a significant impact on the Oregon State community through their presence and contributions and welcome a diversity of backgrounds, skills, fields, and talents.


Your nomination packet must include the following:



Your name:

Your Email address:

Your affiliation/position at OSU:


Name of the nominee:

Her email address:



1.Please tell us how you know the student you are nominating. (250 words or less)


2.Please tell us why you think she deserves this award. (250 words or less)


3.Please provide a brief list of her contributions of scholarship, leadership, and service at OSU. (250 words or less)


Also, please include two brief letters of support from other faculty, staff or members of the community who have worked with the student.


Deadline for nominations: March 30th, 2013


An awards ceremony will be held on Friday May 10th, 2013 in the MU Lounge. At the ceremony we will honor an undergraduate student, a graduate student as well as members of the OSU community and the broader community.



**Please also note that one or more of the nominators will be asked to speak about the winner at the event.



Please email your nomination packet to womenscenter@oregonstate.edu

(Attention: Sadie Rice-Chair 2013 student awards committee)


Questions can be directed to Sadie Rice at womenscenter@oregonstate.edu


Kind Regards,

Sadie Rice


Chair- OSU Women's Center 2013 student awards committee

Benton Annex

Oregon State University


Tel: 541.737.3186