2011 Confidence Conference Program

OSU 2011 Confidence Conference Program

The Confidence Conference, was conceived and developed by a group of women representing both Panhellenic sororities and the Unified Greek Council sororities. Some are part of the Women’s Leadership Initiative this year. The target audience is women and men with a desire to create change in themselves and in society toward positive self esteem and self-confidence.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Raising awareness of challenges that women face in building self-confidence (body image, media representations of women, societal expectations)
  • Building skills toward improving confidence (public speaking, goal-setting, negotiating, empowerment, sexual confidence)
  • Creating a shift in student attitudes and actions toward addressing inequities (activism, social justice)

Friday, April 22, 2011 (tentative schedule)


How to Ace a Job Interview

We all get the jitters when we interview for a job we really want. Join this session on presenting your best self in the interview process. We will discuss ways you can market your strengths and accomplishments, how to respond to tough questions you may be asked, and the importance of bringing a few questions of your own to the interview. You'll walk away feeling prepared for the big day and ready to make a great impression.
Kyle Cassady, Career Counselor, Career Services


Your Voice. Your Experience. Your Time to Thrive!  

This interactive session will offer participants an opportunity to reflect on how their individual life paths have created a skill set that will help them obtain their life goals.
Carrie Giese and Cait Morgan, Student Health Services, Health Promotions
Empowering Ourselves:  Unlocking and Harnessing Your Potential
This interactive session will help participants explore what empowerment means to them, identify obstacles to developing a sense of empowerment, and discover creative ways to harness and manifest inner strength and potential.     
Stephanie Shippen, M.S.  Counseling and Psychological Services

Relationships & Communication from a Male Perspective

Sometimes it helps to hear a man’s perspective on relationships in a non-judgmental, open forum…where you can ask any question and get an honest answer. This session will teach you how to successfully communicate in relationships.
Shawn Bubany, Counseling and Psychological Services


Professionalism 101

How do I dress for an interview? What do I need to know about shaking hands, eye contact, and eating a meal with the search committee? What about Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other ways that I present myself to the rest of the world? This session will be interactive, will raise some issues you might never think of, and will prepare you for the perfect job, the scholarship interview or the informational meeting that will help to launch your career.
Adry Clark, Assistant Director, Career Services.

Gendered Communications

Believe it or not, men and women communicate differently. Come and learn more about ways of communicating that will get your message across, particularly when talking with someone of the opposite sex.
Celeste Walls, PhD., Associate Professor, Speech Communications

Sexy Communication for the Modern Woman

Learn how to identify and effectively communicate your sexual desires, interests and boundaries along with tips and techniques to incorporate safer sex practices.
Samantha Leeds, Sexual Health Project Coordinator for Student Health Services Health Promotion Department

Writing your Personal Mission Statement  

This presentation will take participants through creating a personal mission statement through guided activities articulating who they are and what they are really about. 
Kim McAloney, Graduate Assistant, College Student Services Administration


Destroying the Sexual Double Standard: Fostering Sexual Empowerment in Young Women

The sexual double standard puts women in a position of sexual passivity, identifies appropriate and inappropriate sexual activities for women, and judges them negatively if they behave outside that standard. This session will raise awareness of the double standard and its subtle but significant influence on women’s sexual behavioral choices. The session will also encourage a shift in women’s attitudes and self-image, enabling them to make sexual choices that reflect their own standard, not a socially imposed double standard.
Kathleen M. Greaves, PhD., Senior Instructor, Human Development and Family Sciences

Sports, Recreation and Confidence

An interactive discussion of how women’s participation in sports and recreation influences leadership skills and confidence building.
Lisa Hoogesteger, Director, Healthy Campus Initiatives and Clare Cady, Coordinator, ASOSU Human Services Resource Center

Dealing with Conflict and Difficult Conversations

Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable when giving feedback or dealing with conflict? In this session we will explore interpersonal communication techniques for de-escalating conflict, and approaching such conversations in healthy, productive ways.

Melissa Yamamoto, Coordinator for Student Leadership Programs

Life after College-101

Worried about stepping foot into the real world? Overwhelmed by the debt of your student loans? Are you anxious that you won't land the perfect job?  Join this discussion to help ease the tension and better prepare yourself for the next chapter of your life. During this session, you will find answers to your questions about:  proper techniques of networking; finding the best job fit for you; paying off student loans; and setting yourself up for success.

Cayla Lopez, Account Executive for VTM, Inc. (Vital Technical Marketing) and recent OSU graduate


Improve your Body Image, Improve your Self-Esteem

This talk will present ways to improve your body image and become more resilient to negative cultural messages about appearance.  
Mariette Brouwers, PhD., Licensed Psychologist, Counseling & Psychological Services

Self-Care and Stress Reduction

We will discuss and practice techniques to manage stress and incorporate self-care and relaxation into daily life.
Jennifer Miesch, M.S., Counseling and Psychological Services

Body Maps:  Tapping Into Our Intuitive Navigation Systems to Realize Our Dreams

Join us for an exploratory process of reconnecting with our body signals and internal knowing.  This creative workshop will facilitate your personal process of aligning conscious aspirations with intuitive purpose to confidently engage with your future. 
Amanda Littke, Instructor and Julie George, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Women Studies